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Updated On: 1.13.20

Online course requests for electives are now available to 6th/7th graders (incomming 7th/8th).
Online course requests are now available to 9th/10th graders (incomming 10th/11th).
Online course requests for electives are now available to 8th graders (incomming 9th).
Students must sign in with their student username and password in order to enter Course Requests. A tutorial can be found at the Parent Portal Tutorials home page

Inclusion Co-Teacher Classes are indicated with a icon on the Current Week Schedule Page. Clicking on the icon will list the teacher’s names for your child's class.

For technical support with login problems, the help desk is available at
434-7105 Mon-Fri from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. (Before calling, please make sure there are no blank spaces at the end of your Username by pressing the DELETE key after entering your Username)